The Pewter Mug “41 A Naples Tradition Since 1970

Takeout or Delivery(UBER)

Hours  12pm-8pm Everyday


Mug Cheese Steak

(Mushrooms Onions Green Peppers Provolone Cheese)


French Dip

(Provolone cheese and Au Jus)


Mug Burger

(Ground.. In House with your choice of cheese)


Beer Battered COD Sandwich


Corn Beef or Turkey Reuben


Corn Beef Sandwich with Swiss


Chicken Tenders and Fries


Beet Salad

(Feta Cheese, Manderin oranges, Dried Cranberries, and Reduced Balsamic Glaze)


House Salad  with Choice of Dressing


Caesar Salad

(Croutons & Aged Parm Cheese )


Chefs Salad

(Ham,Turkey,Bacon Veggies Etc.)


Loaded House Salad

(Egg, Roasted Peppers Blue Cheese Crumbles, Bacon Veggies Etc)



– With choice of fries, baked potato, sweet potato or broccoli –

Fish and Chips
$ 18

Tipsy Salmon
$ 20

Half Roasted Chicken
$ 19

Baby Back Ribs
$ 28

Beef Stroganoff (no side)
$ 19

Chicken Alfredo (no side)
$ 21

Ribeye 16oz
$ 30

Filet 6oz or 10oz
$ 28/38

NY Strip 12oz
$ 24

Prime Rib (10, 12, or 16 oz)
$ 24/29/38

All Entrees include a side salad and rolls
– Beet salad with mandarin oranges over mixed green. With feta or blue cheese crumbles finished with Fig glaze and balsamic dressing. –
– Mixed green salad with onions, tomato, cucumbers, and carrots. Choice of dressing. –
– Caesar salad with croutons and aged parmesan cheese. –
– Loaded house salad with hard boiled eggs, bacon, roasted peppers and blue cheese crumbles . Choice of dressing. –